New EP To Help Us Raise Some Cash

We need to raise a lot more money for the next stage in Ishu’s immigration struggle, so The Widedubz Sound have released an EP and all proceeds will go towards Ishu’s legal fees.

It’s only £1 for Ishu’s track or £3 for the whole ep. Here’s a taster. You can listen to and pre order from here . Support the cause and get yourselves some wicked tracks .
One Love

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Benifit party update

A huge thank you to all those who have helped with Ishu’s benefit (especially Louise Plus One and Jim Bitch and all the rest of you guys who gave their time and assistance) we raised £3k.
Combining this with the other donations that have come in Ishu now has a good financial basis with which to fight the extradition, but there is still more to be made to pay for the case. He has had another meeting with the solicitor and he was told there are two avenues to pursue. The Home Office have stated that they are still in the process of dealing with Ishu’s case which of course means it is still the waiting game, so please continue giving Ishu love and support. Will update as an when more news comes in.

(Sorry about delay in this update, our webmaster ended up in hospital!)

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The benefit gig – it’s gonna be awesome!

MC Ishu benefit posterWe need to raise at least £4000 for Ishu’s legal fees –  please feel free to make a donation via the button on the right…

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Hi all
MC Ishu has had his request to remain in the UK refused, in spite of having been here for over the normal 14 yrs standard amnesty (he’s been in the country since 1989) they have seen him as an easy target as he has no family in this country. Ishu is very much a Londoner and the prospect of him being sent back to Jamaica where he has no family or friends seems ridiculous. Those that know Ishu will know that he is not one to blag the benefit system, and does in fact want to work if only given the chance to, but has been caught in the Catch22 of the UK immigration system.

We’ve organised through a friend to get him one of the best immigration solicitor’s who is taking on his case, this fella who you can check his cv here: Robert Sparks, seems to know his onions which is really good. Unfortunately these people cost, and as Ishu isnt a man who has savings in a bank account (he doesn’t even have a bank account) I therefore come to you guys to see if you have even just a token amount of money (even just £10 or what you can afford) to chip into sorting him this initial legal advice.

Any help would be a huge help to Ishu at this stage.

*Please forward this message on to anyone else that you might think would like to help Ishu out.*

Thank you and big love

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