The benefit gig – it’s gonna be awesome!

MC Ishu benefit posterWe need to raise at least £4000 for Ishu’s legal fees –  please feel free to make a donation via the button on the right…

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  1. steve whiterodstestSteve says:

    I arrived in London from new Zealand on 20 September 1993 as a life long reggae fan London was like mecca for me ,after about a month of being in London ,I had been working as a sofa delivery driver from 21 st September that’s right I started working the day after a direct flight from nz, and yes it was a huge nightmare but my old school mate had just left the job and the firm where going to give the job to someone else if I didn’t start asap. anyway on my travels doing deliveries we went past this reggae shop called youth sound so when I could get a day off I went into the shop and met the bredren danny red and ishu plus ramon and a fewe others and gave my roots and culture and I was from then on refered to as bushtucker man haha . they told me they used to play out at the dubclub at tuffnell park so I went there every thusday nite it was choice ,ishu was a great guy and treated me like a bredren and helped me get sorted and to learn whats what in the big bad city. eventually I headed off to Europe and didn’t catch up for a while but when I ran into him at a mad professor gig in 96 he was still a nice fella and we had achat and that was the last time I saw him. ive been back in nz for 17 years now but every now an then I will look up my old friends and clubs etc and was quite shocked to read of ishu’s problems I would like to help with being a witness to his being in London for over 20 yearsso please email me if you think my testimony could be of assistance. just out of interest sake if he is unable to stay there he should try and come to nz we have a thriving reggae scene here and im sure he would be well received, we are the biggest reggae buyers per capita of population behind Jamaica same goes for ganja smokiers haaha. let JAH guidance lead the way and find the right answer , peace and much love bushytucker man!!

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