Benifit party update

A huge thank you to all those who have helped with Ishu’s benefit (especially Louise Plus One and Jim Bitch and all the rest of you guys who gave their time and assistance) we raised £3k.
Combining this with the other donations that have come in Ishu now has a good financial basis with which to fight the extradition, but there is still more to be made to pay for the case. He has had another meeting with the solicitor and he was told there are two avenues to pursue. The Home Office have stated that they are still in the process of dealing with Ishu’s case which of course means it is still the waiting game, so please continue giving Ishu love and support. Will update as an when more news comes in.

(Sorry about delay in this update, our webmaster ended up in hospital!)

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  1. BootsyRoots says:

    Hi, just saw this on Facebook but the last update is nearly a year old. Can you fill me in on what is going on with Ishu? Met him in Cornwall a coupla years ago & had a great time hanging out. Would love to help… Cheers x

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