Hi all
MC Ishu has had his request to remain in the UK refused, in spite of having been here for over the normal 14 yrs standard amnesty (he’s been in the country since 1989) they have seen him as an easy target as he has no family in this country. Ishu is very much a Londoner and the prospect of him being sent back to Jamaica where he has no family or friends seems ridiculous. Those that know Ishu will know that he is not one to blag the benefit system, and does in fact want to work if only given the chance to, but has been caught in the Catch22 of the UK immigration system.

We’ve organised through a friend to get him one of the best immigration solicitor’s who is taking on his case, this fella who you can check his cv here: Robert Sparks, seems to know his onions which is really good. Unfortunately these people cost, and as Ishu isnt a man who has savings in a bank account (he doesn’t even have a bank account) I therefore come to you guys to see if you have even just a token amount of money (even just £10 or what you can afford) to chip into sorting him this initial legal advice.

Any help would be a huge help to Ishu at this stage.

*Please forward this message on to anyone else that you might think would like to help Ishu out.*

Thank you and big love

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  1. Tom says:

    Love the site, but where’s the [ DONATE ] button ? ta

  2. We love you babe’ i sing with you so long’ i with you 100 percent my beloved brother bless X

  3. gibbow says:

    yo ishu! i see that da imagration is being da very bad barman!again!.big up respek,2 ya at da party rnd da cor;na. 2 blessed 4 streas .init brv!

  4. mcdirectory says:

    Wish you all the best Ishu

    Have seen you vibez up many a rave, you always make time for talk to people and are one of the nicest MC’s/people i’ve met at party’s. Always a welcome presence and you talk pure truth and justice.

    All @

  5. Robin Catto says:

    Hi folks. Well done to you all for clubbing together to help Ishu.

    I sincerely hope you don’t see this post as a pointless bad vibe, but I feel like this is the first opportunity I have to tell this story to people who would be interested and have an opinion about it, and I would welcome the thoughts and comments of anyone in the group as I am genuinely interested to know what you think . . .

    From 1989 to 1996 I was in Manasseh Sound, and Ishu was one of our regular MCs (and a very talented one too, as most of you will know). We always got on well. I was generally in charge of money runnings and always made sure he was paid a fair share of anything we took at a dance, regardless of how well (or not) we did.

    In the summer of 2000 Ishu asked me for help. He needed a loan of £1000 to help with legal proceedings in order to be allowed to stay in the country. At the time my wife was pregnant with our first child, and my career at that point was as a massage therapist and yoga teacher, so work was sporadic and income was unpredictable. But I said I would think about it and help him if I could. Some time later (and I admit that I had been unsure as to whether I could afford to lend him the money, so I hadn’t got back to him immediately), he sent me a text saying “thanks for nothing”. I thought it was quite rude, but I knew he was very stressed about whether he’d be able to stay in the UK, so being the soft touch that I was (and probably still am) I rather naively decided to help out. I arranged to meet him in Notting Hill where I gave him £1000 in cash on the understanding that he would pay me back a little at a time, and if it took a year or even longer that was OK because he would pay it all back eventually.

    Ishu has never paid me back one penny of the loan.

    In the early days I used to ring him and say “just pay me back £10 a month. Surely you can afford that.” But he never rang me to offer anything and eventually simply avoided contact with me. I don’t think I have spoken to him in 7 or 8 years, perhaps longer.

    Over ten years have passed since I handed Ishu a grand of my hard-earned cash, in good faith and with an open heart, in the spirit of helping a friend who was in dire need at the time. And don’t forget my gesture was triggered by a text message that most people would have responded to with no further contact at all. I have 3 kids now, boys of 8 and 10 and a baby girl of 1. I’m not pleading poverty. We do OK. But that grand would go a long way, as I’m sure it would do for most of you too, although I’ve long since given up hope of ever seeing a penny of it.

    I would welcome your thoughts and comments . . .

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